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Jun 2006

Re: Charmed Comment

dondiaz said: Whoa, easy there. You kiss your mom with that mouth? 1. Yes. 2. I think I got my full rights to freak out after all the crappy episodes I had to endure. 3. By the way, the dirtiest jokes I know I usually learned from my mother. So, that’s all answered then?

Mrz 2006

It’s Not Too Late to do This, Is It?

Everyone else has done it, Justine tagged me… so here goes. Four Jobs Youâ??ve Had In Your Life 1. Waitress. Twice. 2. Webdesigner. In the end the place went out of business before they could pay me. So I guess it’s okay I still have one of their webdesign books. 3. Giftwrapper at a bookshop. […]

Okt 2005

My World Revolves Around iTunes

Got this meme from Caitlin, although I saw it on her cousin Justine’s blog first. So, who am I to now join? 1. What do you think of me, iTunes? The Art Teacher – Rufus Wainwright „There I was in uniform Looking at the art teacher I was just a girl then; Never have I […]

Aug 2005

Down Memory Lane – Comes As A Meme

Tagged by Caitlin, so here I go… What I was doing ten years ago Ten years ago I was 14, the summer of 1995, so as far as I remember I had summer vacation and maybe just spent two weeks in France (on a farm near Quimper, Bretagne I think). Generally, when I was 14 […]

Jun 2005

Friday Random 10 – Very Random Tonight

1. Thou Swell, Blossom Dearie (Because she rocks. Well, more like swings actually. 2. Tell Me Something Good, Maceo Parker (They used to play that in the restaurant where I worked once. At least that’s where I heard it first. And liked it immediately.) 3. Down On The Street, Adam Green (I haven’t listened to […]

Mai 2005

Unconscious Mutterings – With Headaches

Crowd – Lots of people. Hamburger – McDonalds (yes, I am that simple). Choker – On a hamburge maybe? Lights – Bright. Tinsel – Tinseltown. Testament – Old and new. Best part of the day – Coming Home. Election – Reese Witherspoon. Clarinet – Three years of lessons. Dead sea – for non-swimmers. Again, you […]

Mai 2005

Friday Random 10

1. Sherry, The Four Seasons (I am a big fan of 60s pop and pretty damn proud of it.) 2. Body and Soul, Anita Baker (I think I never heard that song before. See, I can discover new music on my own computer.) 3. Something Beautiful, Robbie Williams (One of my favorites from Escapology.) 4. […]

Mai 2005

Unconscious Mutterings – Strange Words

Heimlich – I can’t even think of something. I’m too stunned that a German word is part of this meme. Gesture – Polite. Party – It’s my party and I cry if I want to. Cuddle – Bed. Room with a view – Helena Bonham-Carter. Sebastian – All the Sebastians I know. Which is one. […]

Mai 2005

Friday Random 10

Because it’s a meme that fits me (and I have nothing else to write about right now). So here we go: 1. Revolution, Robbie Williams (Ooooh, Robbie. Sorry, but I can’t help it.) 2. Angel Eyes, Mel Torme & Cleo Laine (I really like to play that one on the piano, too.) 3. Fly Me […]

Mai 2005

Meme Fun: All The Things I’m Not

So Blondelibrarian tagged me for this very special meme. You have to choose 5 and then complete the sentence, then you get to tag 3 people. Duh! Turns out that I read the instruction for the meme after I nearly completed it. So I completed all the sentences and you will get all my answers. […]

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