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Mai 2006

How Sweet it is to be Loved by Me.

Today I bought the husband a book on my way home. They didn’t have the one I originally wanted to buy, some book about or at least centering around the Voynich Manuscript I’ve been hearing so damn much about lately, so I had to find something else. But I think I made a good choice […]

Apr 2006


Thanks to all of you for your nice comments on the anniversary post. Caitlin suggested that I post our wedding invitation alongside the wedding picture. So here it is. Cutest wedding invitation ever.

Apr 2006

One Year Already?

Happy anniversary to us! Time sure flies by.

Feb 2006

A Cellphone Makes Much Sense Staying At Home

There’s only so much time that can pass, before I start worrying why my husband isn’t back from that errand he went out to run. Naturally he always leaves his cell at home, so I can’t even call him to ask what the hell he is doing so long. I hate waiting like that. So […]

Jan 2006

The Advantages of a Car

He’s trying to think of something to take his little wife to for a lovely Sunday evening. He’s also going through job vancacies on the internet, so it got kind of mixed up. Me: You want to take me to Baden-Württemberg1? That’s too far I think. — Pause — Me: We could go to France. […]

Dez 2005

I Married the Right Guy

How do I know? Because he gave me this for Christmas (mine doesn’t have the remote, though, but I’m too lazy to search for a better picture). I wonder if he was aware that this means that I will be playing my music non-stop in every fucking room of our apartment.

Nov 2005

I Shouldn’t Be Left Alone

Unless you consider playing computer games until 4 am a good thing. Thank god he’ll be back tonight to take care of my unhealthy addictions.

Nov 2005

The Modern Life

It’s insane, but we just discovered that now that we have two phones we can call each other and talk while we’re in separate rooms. It’s insane, but it’s also really cute.

Okt 2005

The War At Home

The good thing about my husband and me is that we rarely ever fight. The bad thing is that we tend to have arguments over the most unimportant things. Like marmelade. A few weeks ago my mother brought me two jars of my very favorite marmelade, the one that I have yet to find in […]

Jul 2005

So At Least I Can Choose

I think „Everyday I Write The Book“ by Elvis Costello maybe is the sweetest love song ever written. It also helps that Mr. Costello has such an amazing voice. Therefore I have secretly decided that it shall be „our song“ (us being of course my husband and me). I’m not sure if my husband knows […]

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