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Jun 2005

Friday Random 10 – Very Random Tonight

1. Thou Swell, Blossom Dearie (Because she rocks. Well, more like swings actually. 2. Tell Me Something Good, Maceo Parker (They used to play that in the restaurant where I worked once. At least that’s where I heard it first. And liked it immediately.) 3. Down On The Street, Adam Green (I haven’t listened to […]

Mai 2005

Friday Random 10

1. Sherry, The Four Seasons (I am a big fan of 60s pop and pretty damn proud of it.) 2. Body and Soul, Anita Baker (I think I never heard that song before. See, I can discover new music on my own computer.) 3. Something Beautiful, Robbie Williams (One of my favorites from Escapology.) 4. […]

Mai 2005

Friday Random 10

Because it’s a meme that fits me (and I have nothing else to write about right now). So here we go: 1. Revolution, Robbie Williams (Ooooh, Robbie. Sorry, but I can’t help it.) 2. Angel Eyes, Mel Torme & Cleo Laine (I really like to play that one on the piano, too.) 3. Fly Me […]

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