Down Memory Lane – Comes As A Meme

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What I was doing ten years ago

Ten years ago I was 14, the summer of 1995, so as far as I remember I had summer vacation and maybe just spent two weeks in France (on a farm near Quimper, Bretagne I think). Generally, when I was 14 I was teenager, so that should tell you most anything. I was the opposite of cool, I might have worn braces then and had absolutely no self-confidence. Then again, I had friends and most times was happy. I was just considered strange (and I guess for some good reason), that was that.

What I was doing five years ago

Five years ago I was still at the university in Bonn, switching majors as I pleased and therefore already doomed to quit. Back then I think it was musicology, sociology and folklore studies. Some time before I also took American language and literature, which I switched for sociology and about one term later I switched folklore studies to art history. At least you cannot say I wasn’t interested. And though I wasn’t your overly ambitious student I am always amazed when I look back at all the courses I took despite my laziness. Somewhere in between sleeping long and working as a waitress, I must have actually attended some classes. My husband was already my boyfriend and we spent most every day together and I was close to moving into my first own apartment (which I did in September 2000). Most possibly it qualifies as the best time of my life. And yes, sometimes I do miss it.

What I was doing one year ago

Oh, I would say, it’s all in my blog, but it really isn’t. Back in August 2004 I didn’t have one, although it’s close. Okay, so here’s what I remember. I was still at my old company possibly already preparing for my finals and besides that not really working, because we never had to. A lot of parts of the trainee were a joke really, but we could do as we pleased, which was nice until we started to be bored by the internet which is usually a bad sign. I knew Andreas for about two years and we’d become pretty much inseparable at work and at school to the point where people seemed to take as for one person. A very schizophrenic person at times, but still. I had moved in with my husband/back-then-boyfriend a year before and we were happily living back in my hometown and not so very happily trying to find a job for my husband, which proved impossible really, because we live in a sucky country (at least when you need a job). I also think that around that time the first bitch tenant stopped paying the rent. Happy memories all along.


Yesterday was Saturday, one of my favorite days of the week, because I don’t have to work AND the shops are open (again with the sucky country). We borrowed some DVDs from my cousin the night before and watched „Catch Me If You Can“ and „Mystic River“. Also I cooked some oriental dish with meat balls, tomato sauce and about a million different spices. It was a nice slow day and I only was bitchy when my husband emotionally forced me to go into town (my original plan of the day involved the couch and the TV only) and I was in absolutely no mood to buy anything, except that little cookbook for oriental dishes. Yummy.

5 snacks I enjoy

salt and vinegar chips
very sweet chocolate (preferably nougat)
sandwiches (which, the way I make them, do not qualify as a snack)
homemade muffins
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

5 songs I know all the words to

Gulf of Araby (Katell Keineg)
You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon)
Paper Bag (Fiona Apple)

Oh, come on, guys, that’s a stupid question… I know all the words to so many songs, I can’t decide which I should mention here. Just go with those three, and know that there are many, many more.

5 things I would do with $100 million

Move to another country and buy a nice house. Also I would be very careful that nobody knows how much money I have, because I wouldn’t want everybody coming to me asking me for money and I also wouldn’t want to live under constant security because someone would kidnap my kids and hold them for ransom. That’s not to say that I would not give money to charity, I just would like to choose who to give it to by myself and stay anonymous. Also, I would go back to school.

5 locations I would like to run away to

New York City
Stars Hollow (I know it’s not a real town, but I don’t care)
South England

5 bad habits I have

procrastinating (we’re talking big style here)
knowing everything better and/or always wanting to have the last word
carelessly spending money on DVDs, books and music
letting my plants die

5 things I like doing

listening to music
watching TV shows
cooking and looking at cookbooks and magazines, contemplating what to cook

5 things I would never wear

I would try most anything, it would depend on the situation and my current fitness.
I usually stay away from:

leather things (I don’t think I have anything made of leather in my wardrobe, if bags don’t count)
mini-skirts (if I was slim and had long legs I would probably wear them, though)
baggy clothes or anything too loose

Okay, I bet there are a lot of strange clothes out there, but these are the only things that come to my mind.

5 TV shows I like

Veronica Mars
Gilmore Girls
Arrested Development
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
and about 20 more.

5 biggest joys of the moment

Weekend, no work and all play.
Waking up with my husband sleeping beside me.
Even better: waking up on a weekend with my husband sleeping beside me, mistaking it for a workday at first, then realizing it’s the weekend and happily going back to sleep.
Receiving packages with good stuff.
Really good food.

5 favorite toys

my computer
my DVD player
my stuffed rabbit
my husband, because I can push all these fun little buttons
and recently Google Earth

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