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Sep 2008

In Case You Were Worried

Just in case you tried to reach this blog today. Yeah. Didn’t work. It was no biggie and had all to do with moving a few domains around, therefore having to set up the database and files with a different account and… right… yep… you really don’t want to know the details. Luckily everything worked […]

Sep 2008

Proof That I’m Not Colorblind

This is a great game (at least I think so), where you have to arrange colors by hue order. My score was 3, which seems to be pretty good. How well do you do?

Sep 2008

… And Then The Lawyer Was Killed, And Then He Had To Run, And Then…

Here’s one not-so-clever idea on how to spend your evening. Watch a movie with your significant other and then both fall asleep around the same time, optimistically assuming that the other will stay awake and be able to tell you how it ended.

Sep 2008

I Knew It Was a Bad Idea

There’s one proof that there’s a limited capacity for the human brain to learn from experience. As in: Why the hell do we still try to go to IKEA on a Saturday? Basically there are two reasons for this: a) The only other day we could go is after work on a workday and 2) […]

Sep 2008

Musical Link Dump

I think that iTunes should have some kind of wishlist. Not actually for other people to buy me stuff (although that’s always appreciated), but for me to remember songs that I might want to buy in the future, depending on how my bank account looks. Mostly like my amazon wishlist which I don’t really expect […]

Sep 2008


I still need some shelves for the kitchen and we also need some pictures for all of these damn walls around here, but after my paint job, we finally got our lamps installed and now it nearly feels like we’re done. Not quite, but close enough to fool yourself to believe it. This is how […]

Sep 2008


Google Chrome makes me so damn happy for a variety of reasons. It’s not just that it’s pretty and fast. It also has a couple of developer tools integrated that – without having a lot of experience working with them yet – look like they do about exactly what I want them to do. Sigh.

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