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Jul 2006

Spreading the Jealousy

Jamie: Okay, you’re going to hate me. Erin: Hee. Erin: I was just about to send you something. […] Erin: And why? Why would I hate you? Jamie: Because this is where I will spend two weeks in September: Erin: HATE YOU. Jamie: I knew it.

Jul 2006


I miss my Ehle. I think my AIM is about to die of boredom.

Mai 2006

All Hail Tomatoes

You might like to know that we were discussing all the protesting against „The Da Vinci Code“ before. It might make a bit more sense then. Or it might not. Jamie: I’m craving tomatoes again. Jamie: Something’s wrong with me. Erin: Heh. No. Tomatoes rock. Jamie: I know, but the craving came so sudden. Jamie: […]

Mai 2006

My New Powers

Jamie: Are you up? Ehle: Yup. Ehle: Are you? Jamie: Nope. Ehle: Typing through telepathy? Jamie: Seems so.

Mai 2006


Ehle: You moo when you come online, too. Jamie: I don’t get this AIM stuff. Jamie: Maybe it just turns idle when there’s no action on the computer for some time. Jamie: I moo? Jamie: I never moo. Ehle: Yes, you moo. Ehle: I set you up to moo, dude. Jamie: I don’t even know […]

Mai 2006

Renaming the Blog

No, I’m not. But I could. Read on to know why. Jamie: Surrounded by Stupidity really is my slogan. Jamie: I came up with it when we were at school during our job training. Ehle: You should’ve named your website Jamie: Yeah. Well. Jamie: Now that you say it. Ehle: Don’t worry about it. […]

Mrz 2006

Big Plans For Tuesday

Ehle: Thank you for agreeing with me. Jamie: You’re welcome. Ehle: We should combine forces and take over the world. Ehle: I’m free on Tuesday. Do you think you can schedule a takeover on Tuesday? Jamie: Tuesday’s fine with me. How about after work? That would be around noon your time. Ehle: Noon is good. […]

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