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Jun 2009

What I Have Been Up To

Playing around with Squarespace. I feel like a betrayer writing about it on my WordPress blog, but hey, let’s face it… Squarespace is pretty and fun to use. I have yet to find out whether it’s worth the money it would cost me, but that’s why I’m playing around with it. Playing around with Balsamiq […]

Mai 2009

Sometimes TV Shows Need to End

I just read that My Name is Earl has been canceled by NBC after its fourth season. Frankly, I don’t really care. Not, because I don’t like the show, but because I’ve come to believe that for most shows, running for four seasons is enough. Actually, for a good show, I’d put a nice number […]

Apr 2009

Culture Clash

This sums up everything that’s wrong with the current season of DSDS (the German Idol) and everything that’s right with the current season of American Idol. Compare this… … to that… … and please tell me that you see what I mean. It’s so, so awkward to watch someone who has yet to realize that […]

Mrz 2009

Dollhouse Theme Song

After watching the first four episodes of Dollhouse, I’m not yet as overwhelmed by the show as I want to be, but I have hope that I will be soon. I’m just really glad that Joss Whedon is back and he brought Tim Minear along, too. I really like Dollhouse and it looks promising enough, […]

Mrz 2009

What to do When

As you all should know I’m a media geek, which means that I hardly ever get bored, because I have enough stuff waiting to be read, watched and listened to basically piling up around me and the only issue I have is that I have too little time. Unfortunately I’m not one of these people […]

Jan 2008

TV Show Quote of the Day

Barney: What’s the opposite of namedropping? How I Met Your Mother – Episode 3×11 ‚The Platinum Rule‘

Jan 2008

TV Show Quote of the Day

Dani Reese: Why exactly would the universe make fun of us all? Charlie Crews: Maybe it’s insecure. Life – Episode 1×01

Dez 2007

It Exists, It Really Does Exist

This Flickr photoset really is fascinating, especially since isn’t that where How I Met Your Mother’s Marshall comes from? And now I can totally see myself waiting for that one episode of HIMYM where they drive by the bakery. Please, Powers That Be, make it happen.

Jul 2007

All Good Things Come in Sevens

Examples: Harry Potter Buffy Gilmore Girls Mad About You Exceptions to the rule: Arrested Development Veronica Mars

Jul 2007

Where You Lead…

I suddenly got an amazing yearning for Gilmore Girls. So I suspect that sooner or later this day I’m going to make camp on the couch with various types of junk food on the one and the remote control on the other side. The thought of this alone makes me really giddy. But I have […]

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