Friday Random 10

Because it’s a meme that fits me (and I have nothing else to write about right now). So here we go:

1. Revolution, Robbie Williams (Ooooh, Robbie. Sorry, but I can’t help it.)
2. Angel Eyes, Mel Torme & Cleo Laine (I really like to play that one on the piano, too.)
3. Fly Me To The Moon, Astrud Gilberto (One of the husband’s favourite jazz songs.)
4. All The Things You Are, Joe Pass (Seems I’m having a jazz streak right now. I swear I’m in shuffle mode.)
5. My Immortal, Evanescence (I only have this one because it was on Smallville once. But it is kind of nice.)
6. Eight Half Letters, Stereoblis (Another one from my Smallville collection. This doesn’t seem random shuffle at all.)
7. All I Want, Leona Naess (If you don’t know her you’re really missing something.)
8. Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 (1. Where did they come from? Suddenly Maroon 5 is everywhere. 2. From my Joan of Arcadia collection.)
9. Sweet Misery, Michelle Branch (I really like this song. Should listen to ‚The Spirit Room‘ again.)
10. What Am I Supposed To Say, Lisa Loeb (Great, great, great! I love the somewhat strange refrain… You’re too late. Great. What am I supposed to say? She delivers the line perfectly. Well, she should, she wrote it.)

See, with the comments it’s nearly like a real blog entry instead of a uncreative filler. Also, just so you know, I installed iTunes, so I can at least pretend I have a Mac.