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Mai 2009

More Bunny Impressions

This was taken somewhen around noon today, when one Bunny sat under the tree right next to my window. They (or it) really like the tree. Either some very tasty plants (read: bunny food) grow there or they find it equally fascinating watching me as me watching them. (Somehow the grammar of that last sentence […]

Mai 2009

Brush Up My Programming And Such…

… not quite brushing up my Shakespeare, but I have been pretty busy lately with other things. Since I’m in the middle (or rather at the end) of changing bank accounts (which I can’t recommend to anyone with procrastination habits like mine) I’m trying very hard to stay away from my Amazon wishlist. I have […]

Apr 2009


Maybe it’s not even that great, but I like to think that it is, because this… … is what I sometimes see when looking out the window at work. Cute, huh? Tell me, it is great.

Apr 2009

Status Meetings Are Fun!

Heard at this morning’s team status meeting: „Yesterday I did the training and I lost all respect for David Hasselhoff. [Short pause.] Who posted that link?!?“ (Answer: I posted that link.)

Feb 2009

Travelling to Vietnam

Right now I’m sitting in a chair at Charles de Gaulle airport in (or rather somewhere out of) Paris without WiFi access or one of the two books I wanted to get first thing off the plane and with about four hours to kill before our flight goes first to Bangkog and then to Ho-Chi-Minh […]

Jan 2009

Facing South

I just got done with what was probably one of the quickest office furniture rearrangements ever. That’s what you get when you’re home office only holds a table and two IKEA shelves. Although I could fit in a third shelf if I wanted. Basically I just moved the table from one wall to the other. […]

Dez 2008

Life Wisdoms

The day you really planned on learning for your certification is the day you start ironing shirts.

Apr 2008

Work Wisdom

‚This is going to be interesting‘ is rarely followed by something good. Adventurous, maybe. Time-consuming, almost definitely. Mind-boggling, certainly. Nice and easy, never.

Jun 2007


A friend at work is teaching me how to correctly talk in lol-speak. I think I am a very good student, although using bad grammar and wrong spelling on purpose kind of confuses my mind to the point where I’m not sure what I am actually doing and why, dear god, why? I think my […]

Apr 2007

Praise of a Commuter

Ever since I started my new job I have to ride the train about 40 minutes every day. First I take the train from Opladen to Solingen, which takes between six and ten minutes, depending on the train. At Solingen I change trains and get on the S7 which takes me right to the office […]

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