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Apr 2009

Sunday is Bakeday

I like to bake on weekends. Actually, I like to bake in general, but I like to make it a weekend ritual. The truth is that it’s one of those hobbies I tend to feel bad about, because I like to bake cakes more than I like to eat cake. Or rather, a whole cake […]

Apr 2008

Because I Can Is A Reason, Too.

A typical conversation likely to happen on any given day in any given Starbuck’s: Me: I’ll have a tall Caramel Machiatto, please. Barista1: Okay… Me: What do you want? Andreas rambles on for about five minutes and all I can remember when he’s done is that he said fat-free at some point. Me: Yeah. You’ll […]

Jun 2007

What Life Is Can Be Like

Mai 2007

Friday Morning Baking

Today I finally put into action what will from now on be known as one of my best ideas ever. Muffin pralines. Now seriously, why did it take me so long to think of this? It’s awesome. Especially since instead of having to choose just one muffin, you can eat each of one flavour and […]

Mai 2007

Tastes Change

I think my mother kind of remembers very fondly the days when neither me nor my father liked asparagus. There were those days when we didn’t and my mother could have all the asparagus for herself. Then that changed and now even I might feel a little yearning for asparagus. I also think that she […]

Okt 2006

Cook Books and Diets and Non-Confessions

Just so you know: I did not buy two cook books when checking out the cook book shop I mentioned in my last post. I totally did not. It just looked like I did, what with me going in the shop with two books less than I came out with. I also did not spend […]

Okt 2006

Then Again, That’s Why I Love Cologne

I’m stupid. No, really. And I don’t have nearly enough confidence in my beloved Cologne. So I read about this book shop in London, the one that specialises in cook books and has an actual kitchen, where they try out the recipes from the books they sell. Awesome. This shop alone seems like a good […]

Okt 2006

Cooking Idols

Despite being astonishingly good-looking – especially for her age – and therefore becoming my husband’s new object of desire1, Nigella Lawson’s recipes are both amazingly easy and most of all ridiculously yummy. I believe that this is a miracle. But it might also be that the small tube of vanilla extract that I bought in […]

Okt 2006

So, What Did You Design Today?

Because I made this. Since I’ve been obsessing about food for quite some time now I figured it would only be consistent if I’d started a food blog. So I’ve been browsing for pictures and messing with stylesheets and php and I finally got what I wanted. Well, I’m halfway there at least. Now it’s […]

Okt 2006

Food Nerd

Yes, that says it’s another nine months before the book’s actually released. I’d say that’s one heck of a pre-order there. But then again… I mean, we’re talking Clotilde’s first cook book here. How could I resist?

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