Friday Random 10 – Very Random Tonight

1. Thou Swell, Blossom Dearie (Because she rocks. Well, more like swings actually.
2. Tell Me Something Good, Maceo Parker (They used to play that in the restaurant where I worked once. At least that’s where I heard it first. And liked it immediately.)
3. Down On The Street, Adam Green (I haven’t listened to that album as much as I should have.)
4. She’s Always A Woman To Me, Billy Joel (Oh, come on. You like it, too. It’s so sweet.)
5. Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera and the other girls (Again with the ’she rocks‘. And now without stint.)
6. Movin‘ Right Along, The Muppets (From the first Muppet Movie, I think. I love this song. And the lyrics are so great. „Hey, I’ve never seen the sun come up in the… west?!?“ Hee.)
7. Komm schon, Deichkind (Wow, I have a German hip-hop song hiding between all my mp3s. I’m so damn cool.)
8. Handsome Man, Robbie Williams (I swear this is random. It must mean something that Robbie always comes to sing in my Friday Random 10. „You can’t argue with popularity. Or you could, but you’d be wrong.“ Hee again.)
9. Hear Me Out, Frou Frou (The first Frou Frou song I knew. It’s still one of my favorites. It was either featured in Wonderfalls or Dead Like Me. I can’t remember exactly.)
10. Make Someone Happy, Nancy Wilson (Still love the version from the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. But the song is great anyway. And nice to play on the piano.)