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Apr 2009

Internet Pet Peeves

I have loads of pet peeves ready and available for about every aspect of life, but here are two recent ones that concern the internet: „Under construction“ sites. Stop it. If there’s nothing on there why do you have to put up a link there in the first place? Why do you make me click […]

Apr 2009

Tales From the Office

One of my co-workers just explained his next devious scheme: If you happen to live near a public park, install a camera, film parents hiding easter chocolates for their kids and then steal out when nobody’s looking and collect everything for yourself. There’s a lot of criminal and morally questionable energy here and I think […]

Mrz 2009

What to do When

As you all should know I’m a media geek, which means that I hardly ever get bored, because I have enough stuff waiting to be read, watched and listened to basically piling up around me and the only issue I have is that I have too little time. Unfortunately I’m not one of these people […]

Mrz 2009

Wanted: Decision Helper

Someone needs to come here right now and drag me to bed. Because I think I might be tired, but apparently I can’t go to bed. Anybody up for the job? I won’t fight you. I might pout a bit, but you should be able to live with that. Or maybe I just need some […]

Jan 2009

Sorry, Trees.

Part two of the big home office makeover was going through all the stuff I keep in various boxes and throwing away everything I won’t ever need again. AKA a lot. And the biologist’s daughter’s conscience (i.e. mine) just had to deal with throwing away a heap of documents and papers and whatnot of a […]

Dez 2008


The bad thing about not losing your glasses in a hotel in Estonia is that there’s no story to tell. Just because „and then I found my glasses when I unpacked the suitcase back home“ isn’t as good and slightly melancholy an ending as „and now my glasses are forever lost in a hotel in […]

Dez 2008

Life Wisdoms

The day you really planned on learning for your certification is the day you start ironing shirts.

Dez 2008

Goin‘ to Graceland

Last night I dreamed that I was flying to Chicago, because of some developer’s conference. I though that while I was in the area I could pay a visit to Srah. Never mind that Chicago isn’t exactly close to Ohio, because in my dream, it was… However I then realized that the conference was actually […]

Apr 2008

Cryptic? Me?

I realized that sometimes not doing something can be just as hard as doing something. I mean, not doing something requires exactly what it says: freaking not do it. Don’t get up. Don’t sit down. Don’t go. Don’t cry. Don’t look. Don’t write. Don’t say it, don’t fucking say it. Yet, it’s amazingly hard. But […]

Apr 2008

What I Learned Today

In the end, how many times in a row you are able to listen to one and the same song is merely a question of willpower. (Eight times and counting, in case you needed to know.)

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