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Dez 2006

December Irony

Of course it so happens that I try to read one of the most thrilling books of the year at the end of the year when I have other plans every damn day. If I didn’t have to get ready to go to the opera (no, your eyes are fine, I’m actually going to the […]

Dez 2006

Minor Lack of Christmas Spirit

So, yeah, if anyone of my faithful blog readers expected a Christmas card? It’s not gonna happen. What with me quitting my job and then getting sick about one day into my Christmas vacation, we sent out like four Christmas cards this years. Three of them went to business partners of the husband’s and one […]

Dez 2006

Embracing my Cell Phone’s Camera

I always thought that those cell phone cameras were some gimmicky bullshit. Who needs a camera in his cell phone? I mean, doesn’t the quality kinda suck? And can’t you just get a cheap digital camera and carry that around? Now I know who exactly needs a camera in his (or rather her) cell phone. […]

Dez 2006

Fun Temporarily on Hold

Warning: If you don’t like rants, don’t read on. No, really. Don’t. Because we’re the luckiest people on earth our camera broke about one week after we got it. A pin is bent in the CF slot. Nikon says it’s our fault, I says they better fix it without charging us (damn). Right now the […]

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