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Jan 2006

A Year in Review – The Book Stuff

Les voilà – mes livres préférés de l’année 2005… (don’t ask, I had a French minute) 10) Barbara Kingsolver: The Poisonwood Bible I didn’t expect to like that book as much as I did. The story of a missionary’s wife and daughters lost in a strange place called Africa. The different voices and views of […]

Jan 2006

My Finest TV Hours of 2005, Pt. 2

Here they come… the rest of my TV highlights of the last year. Enjoy. 5. How I Met Your Mother: A Belly Full of Turkey (1×09) Representing several episodes of the surprisingly wonderful new sitcom â??A Belly Full of Turkeyâ? was my personal highlight of the episodes shown so far, followed by â??Okay, Awesomeâ? and […]

Dez 2005

A Year in Review – The Music Stuff

As part of the whole reviewing the last year here are my musical highlights: 6. My amazement when I found out that I don’t hate most of German music anymore. Mostly because suddenly there were a lot of good German singers and bands. Where the hell did they come from? Why weren’t they there before? […]

Dez 2005

My Finest TV Hours of 2005, Pt. 1

It’s been a great year for TV show addicts like me. There were some disappointments, yes, such as the unexpected decline and following cancellation of „Joan of Arcadia“. Or the non-existent decline but still-following cancellation of „Kitchen Confidential“. But all in all, I think we can be satisfied. Veronica Mars didn’t get cancelled, we got […]

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