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Jun 2009

It Is On!

What are you still doing here? All the interesting stuff is over at Squarespace and Tumblr. Just in case you forgot to update your feed reader, here are the links to the new stuff. Blog post: Pimp My iPod Blog post: Moving a Blog Here Be Subtlety at Tumblr

Jun 2009

On the Move… Again

Here be Subtlety is moving. Again. And yes, I’m actually talking about this blog. I wouldn’t spend two weekends painting various rooms of this apartment if I didn’t plan on staying for a while longer. After my 14 days trial of Squarespace came close to an end, I decided that yes, it was worth the […]

Jun 2009

What I Have Been Up To

Playing around with Squarespace. I feel like a betrayer writing about it on my WordPress blog, but hey, let’s face it… Squarespace is pretty and fun to use. I have yet to find out whether it’s worth the money it would cost me, but that’s why I’m playing around with it. Playing around with Balsamiq […]

Jun 2009

Spanish Songs and Stop-Motion

I think you can pretty much guess, that I didn’t stop after the first layer of paint. Truth is, I all got it done in one day as planned, but then I was tired that I couldn’t find the energy to load the pictures up to the web and write a nice blog entry, so […]

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