Friday Random 10

1. Sherry, The Four Seasons (I am a big fan of 60s pop and pretty damn proud of it.)
2. Body and Soul, Anita Baker (I think I never heard that song before. See, I can discover new music on my own computer.)
3. Something Beautiful, Robbie Williams (One of my favorites from Escapology.)
4. If Only She Knew, Michelle Branch (I think last Friday is repeating itself a little bit. But I don’t really mind. Let the good music keep coming.)
5. Sad Eyes, Bruce Springsteen (I’m not such a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but I really like that song. I also don’t know a lot of his songs.)
6. A Hundred Years From Today, Ethel Waters (Here comes the Jazz fraction. I really like that song.)
7. My Funny Valentine, Elvis Costello (The song is one of the husband’s favorites, the singer is one of my favorites. What a voice.)
8. Ricky Don’t Lose That Number, Steely Dan (I think today my eighties pop collection comes a little bit into focus.)
9. L’ombre et la lumière, Coralie Clément (You haven’t checked her out yet? Are you nuts?)
10. My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Mary Martin and some guy with his orchestra (I love Cole Porter’s songs. Pretty much all of them. That makes the fact that I haven’t seen ‚De-Lovely‘ yet even sadder. Sue me.)