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Jun 2009

Spanish Songs and Stop-Motion

I think you can pretty much guess, that I didn’t stop after the first layer of paint. Truth is, I all got it done in one day as planned, but then I was tired that I couldn’t find the energy to load the pictures up to the web and write a nice blog entry, so […]

Apr 2009

Evening Tidbits

I’m currently suffering from literary ADD as proven by my current status on goodreads (which I’m trying to see what it might have that LibraryThing doesn’t have): And just because (I really don’t have a reason other than that I’m currently listening to music)… here’s a list of examples for really good cover songs: Clare […]

Apr 2009

Culture Clash

This sums up everything that’s wrong with the current season of DSDS (the German Idol) and everything that’s right with the current season of American Idol. Compare this… … to that… … and please tell me that you see what I mean. It’s so, so awkward to watch someone who has yet to realize that […]

Apr 2009


The trailer for Where the Wild Things Are looks really cool. I wasn’t even a big fan of the book as a child. I didn’t actively dislike it, but it didn’t play that big a role for me. I was raised more on Janosch, Astrid Lindgren and Erich Kästner for that matter. Anyway. It took […]

Apr 2009 Feature Request

Since iTunes isn’t listening to me, here’s a feature request for (and I’m only half joking here). I’d like the guys to kind of aggregate my neighbor data and tell me something like: Your musical taste most closely matches that of a 23 year old male from Denmark. And then I can go and […]

Apr 2009

The Upsides of Cleaning Up Your External Hard Drive

How the hell did I forget about Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta? It just went into my Wake Up! playlist, because that’s where it should have been all along.

Mrz 2009

The Wake Up! Playlist

I recently put together a playlist in iTunes which is intended to wake me up on my way to work each morning. It seemed the obvious thing to do since I tend to listen to the same stuff in the morning to get me in the right mood. I use the shuffle option on my […]

Mrz 2009

Dollhouse Theme Song

After watching the first four episodes of Dollhouse, I’m not yet as overwhelmed by the show as I want to be, but I have hope that I will be soon. I’m just really glad that Joss Whedon is back and he brought Tim Minear along, too. I really like Dollhouse and it looks promising enough, […]

Mrz 2009

What to do When

As you all should know I’m a media geek, which means that I hardly ever get bored, because I have enough stuff waiting to be read, watched and listened to basically piling up around me and the only issue I have is that I have too little time. Unfortunately I’m not one of these people […]

Jan 2009

Personal Feature Wishlist

Hi iTunes, I still would like to see that „Songs And Albums I Want, But Just Not Now, Because I Don’t Have Any Money Right Now (Or I’d Just Feel Bad Spending More)“ reminder list that I think I already wrote about somewhen. Or that might have been water cooler talk. Whatever. Please? Pretty please…??? […]

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