Unconscious Mutterings – Strange Words

  1. Heimlich – I can’t even think of something. I’m too stunned that a German word is part of this meme.
  2. Gesture – Polite.
  3. Party – It’s my party and I cry if I want to.
  4. Cuddle – Bed.
  5. Room with a view – Helena Bonham-Carter.
  6. Sebastian – All the Sebastians I know. Which is one. And the one in ‚Cruel Intentions‘.
  7. Ooooh – Aaaaah.
  8. Sigh – All the things I can’t have.
  9. Two fish, three fish – Four fish. Five fish.
  10. Cake or death – Cake. I have no room for death.

Again, you can take part and have a lot of fun… just click here.