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Jun 2006

Re: Charmed Comment

dondiaz said: Whoa, easy there. You kiss your mom with that mouth? 1. Yes. 2. I think I got my full rights to freak out after all the crappy episodes I had to endure. 3. By the way, the dirtiest jokes I know I usually learned from my mother. So, that’s all answered then?

Feb 2005

Ask Jamie: How Jamie Met The Boyfriend

Caitlin asked: My next getting to know you question was going to be about the meeting and falling in love of pi. Let’s make a long story short: University. Trip. Paris. You want more? Okay, you shall get more… I met the boyfriend the first time shortly after I started studying in fall 1999. That […]

Jan 2005

Ask Jamie: The Abroad Experience

Willful Exposé asked: Here’s a question: How many times have you been to America and where? As Caitlin said, you’ve probably been here quite a bit because your English is excellent. I’ve been to America three times. You could say four times, because one time was really two times interrupted by a three week return […]

Jan 2005

Don’t Be Shy, I Rarely Bite.

Maybe I’m just really self-centered and extremely keen on getting comments, but whatever. In the end, it’s up to you. In one of her recent entries Caitlin wrote about how despite reading my blog there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about me. So, go ahead and ask me! All of you. I […]

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