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Aug 2007

Move Along, Nothing To See

I mean, at least I updated my reading list and am proud to announce that I can make my 52 books this year without any problems. I’m already at 48, although I admit there were some comic books in between and I usually finish these within a day, so it’s like half-cheating or something. On […]

Aug 2007

Cool German Glasses

We just came home from a very fun dinner with my friend Liz and I remembered something she said about our (the husband’s and my) glasses. Or more generally even, she said that Germans always wear cool glasses. This has never occurred to me, especially since I’ve had these glasses forever, but to us it […]

Aug 2007

Like a Blur

These last weeks seem like a blur to me. I realize I don’t have nearly as much time for myself as I am used to having. We’re wandering through furniture stores have some guys plan a kitchen for us (though we plan to buy only one, but we’d like to have options, so there), already […]

Aug 2007

A Totally New Experience

Blogging from the new apartment. W00t!!!!1!!!111 No, we don’t already live here, we just brought some stuff and someone around here has unsecured wireless internet so I’m using that just to tell you that I’m in the new apartment RIGHT NOW! Again with the wooting. More to follow soon.

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