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Sep 2006

Nearly Quoting Britney

Somehow I dread the day when it will be impossible for me to not longer think of myself as a girl, but rather a woman. I don’t feel like a woman. I like to spend lazy days on the couch, comfy under a blanket and watch TV. I like cute skirts and dresses. I use […]

Sep 2006

Yeast – Jamie. Jamie – Yeast.

Somehow I refuse to believe that yeast and I are not meant for each other. I always come back and try again. There’s a good relationship in there somewhere, we just haven’t found it yet. At least we respect each other, or at least I respect The Yeast. A lot. I believe yeast is a […]

Sep 2006

You Can Take the Girl Out of France, But…

Just to make that clear and to avoid confusion: I am not nor have I ever been French. Unfortunately, might I add. But I have been a francophile as long as I can remember, possibly since the first time my parents took me there when I was three and the only thing I can remember […]

Sep 2006

Too Much Food

Recently I’ve gone a bit crazy over cook books and magazines. I even dragged the husband to Draguignan under false pretenses, so that I could find a bookstore and get my very own copy of „Cantines„, a French cook book featuring food served in French school cafeterias interpreted by chefs. I read about it on […]

Sep 2006

Pretty Provence

Okay, I uploaded the first batch of pictures on Flickr. Now go there and marvel at how beautiful it is down there. Because it is. Very.

Sep 2006

We’re Back!

Just in case you wanted to know.

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