Then Again, That’s Why I Love Cologne

I’m stupid. No, really. And I don’t have nearly enough confidence in my beloved Cologne.

So I read about this book shop in London, the one that specialises in cook books and has an actual kitchen, where they try out the recipes from the books they sell. Awesome. This shop alone seems like a good reason to plan a trip to London. At least in my food-obsessed world it does.

Now I learned that there’s a book shop for cook books only in Cologne. Like 15 minutes by train from where I live. It was right there all the time and I didn’t notice. Okay, it’s a bit hidden, which makes my ignorance excusable, but why didn’t I even bother to find out whether there was a shop like this in Cologne. I mean, Cologne of all German cities is the one that I actually would trust enough to have such a shop. I know of at least two gay book shops and one selling crime and mystery novels only, so why shouldn’t we have a cook book shop.

My next trip to Cologne is a sure thing and it’s going to happen soon. It will be a lot cheaper than going to London, although they don’t have a testing kitchen, so that London trip is still on.