Sunday is Bakeday

I like to bake on weekends. Actually, I like to bake in general, but I like to make it a weekend ritual. The truth is that it’s one of those hobbies I tend to feel bad about, because I like to bake cakes more than I like to eat cake. Or rather, a whole cake for a two person household when neither one of these two persons has a significantly sweet tooth seems like a bit of waste sometimes. Which is a) why I grab every opportunity which gives me a justifiable reason to bake and b) why my co-workers often have the pleasure of free cake in the kitchen.

However, this is what bakeday looked like today:
The bakeress ready
That’s the bakeress herself in full kitchen gear. I need an apron, because I am one of these people who absent-mindedly clean their hands using their clothes rather than the kitchen towels and because it has a neato pocket for the iPod (see below).

Apron Pocket
As I said. The iPod needs a home and this is where it often goes when I’m cooking or baking.

Cake in the Oven title=
Cake in the oven. What you can’t see here is the delicious smell of chocolate and coffee coming out of the oven.

Cake out of the Oven
Cake out of the oven and drenched with sweet cream.

And while we’re at it, here’s some photos proving that I really do like to match my kitchen equipment with my MacBook.
Coffee Machine and KitchenAid
LeCreuset Pot