Embracing my Cell Phone’s Camera

I always thought that those cell phone cameras were some gimmicky bullshit. Who needs a camera in his cell phone? I mean, doesn’t the quality kinda suck? And can’t you just get a cheap digital camera and carry that around?

Now I know who exactly needs a camera in his (or rather her) cell phone. I do.

And today I actually bothered to find out how Bluetooth works. (Hint: You need a Bluetooth-USB-Thingy to make it work. Who’d have thought?) So, finally I can present to you all the fun pictures I took with my cell phone these past weeks. And I won’t ever question the importance of a cell phone camera again. Because, seriously, who in their right mind would buy a cheap digital camera and carry that all around. Nerdy nerds, that’s who. Not me. I have my cell phone.

More will follow, just check out my Flickr photo stream.

2 Responses to “Embracing my Cell Phone’s Camera”

  1. caitlin Says:

    i adore my cell phone camera. i’ve had it for exactly a year now,a nd the joy has not warn off. and it’s a really low quality one, too. but that’s ok. it’s still pretty magical.

    and what does tigercheese taste like, anyway? is that tigerduck cheese, too?

  2. TH Says:

    But don’t bend any of them darned bluetooth pins. They’re not covered by warranty… *duck*

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