Fun Temporarily on Hold

Warning: If you don’t like rants, don’t read on. No, really. Don’t.

Because we’re the luckiest people on earth our camera broke about one week after we got it. A pin is bent in the CF slot. Nikon says it’s our fault, I says they better fix it without charging us (damn).
Right now the camera is in Munich at a Nikon Service Point or whatever, but those are some stubborn guys there, so I’ll tell them to send the camera back and try to convince the guys at the Nikon Service Point in Cologne that this was not my fault. I don’t even know how I was supposed to insert the card incorrectly, because I’ve tried it and the card doesn’t get in more than a centimeter and then it’s stuck. In my very humble opinion there’s no way to get the card in wrong without using brutal force. And since I don’t remember getting out my hammer to fit it in, I’d like to say that totally not my fault. Just stop arguing and fix it.

Nikon though says that you can insert the card in wrong so we’re basically going in circles. I’m also very bad at complaining, so this is definitely not my week. I hate complaining. I’m a nice girl. If we were not talking about 100 Euro, I’d just give in and let them have their way. But this is 100 Euro we’re talking about and I’m kind of not ready to pay so much to fix a camera we barely had for one week, just based on the assumption that I screwed up when I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

The only thing I learned so far is that Nikon doesn’t seem to care too much for happy customers. Because I’m not that happy right now. Ya hear me, Nikon? Me. Customer. Not Happy. I just thought you’d like to know.