Minor Lack of Christmas Spirit

So, yeah, if anyone of my faithful blog readers expected a Christmas card? It’s not gonna happen.

What with me quitting my job and then getting sick about one day into my Christmas vacation, we sent out like four Christmas cards this years. Three of them went to business partners of the husband’s and one to my parents-in-law. Only we haven’t really sent that one for the parents-in-law yet. We like bought the card and were really, really proud because we remembered to at least to do that. Now it must still be around in the apartment somewhere, since it never even got written.

We prove once again that we really don’t deserve to have friends. We are alright and nice and charming, but when it comes to stuff like Christmas or birthdays or rsvping to parties we suck. I mean we might show up for your party, but you never know for sure until we appear at your door. Though we always bring food and a bottle of wine to make up for some potential mismanaged planning.

I got a great, great Christmas package from Caitlin, and believe me, there will be something crossing the ocean in return, but not in time for Christmas. I suddenly remembered the greatest gift to send you, and then none of the stores I went to carried it. Then came the sore throat and two nights of very little sleep, then came the sniffling and coughing and I only could bring myself to buy gifts for those people I will actually see these next days. Because not having gifts for them would be kind of awkward.

As a special holiday gift for myself I then re-installed Windows on my computer. The damn thing got so slow it was nerve-wrecking and since I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it (translation: didn’t bother trying to figure it out) I just made a cut, formatted the drive and started a-new. This also took away about a day of potential Christmas preparations, but since everything works great now it was most probably worth it.

The camera is back with the repair guys to get fixed, since one of the department managers at the store promised me we’ll get the money we pay for the repair back. If we’re lucky we’ll get it back in time to take it with us for New Year’s Eve to Darmstadt, but I’m not sure if should put to much faith in it.

This is the about the update on my life. Everybody, have a wonderful, marvellous Christmas with your friends, family or whoever you spend it with!