Facing South

I just got done with what was probably one of the quickest office furniture rearrangements ever. That’s what you get when you’re home office only holds a table and two IKEA shelves. Although I could fit in a third shelf if I wanted.

Basically I just moved the table from one wall to the other. I’ve wanted to do that for quite some time, and now I just spent the three minutes it actually took to do it. I mean, it’s a table. With a flat screen and a bit other stuff on it. How long did I think it would take?

Not sure whether I like it or not, but I suspect I will like the fact that I’m not sitting with my back to the window, so staring out of the window might now be a new activity option.

What does Feng Shui say about facing south when sitting on your computer? But I bet our stuff is all over water veins and energy circles anyway, so it’s not like I actually care.