Travelling to Vietnam

Right now I’m sitting in a chair at Charles de Gaulle airport in (or rather somewhere out of) Paris without WiFi access or one of the two books I wanted to get first thing off the plane and with about four hours to kill before our flight goes first to Bangkog and then to Ho-Chi-Minh City.

And it’s snowing.

The seat situation turned out to be no two seats next to each other and no window seats either, so Helen and I have to try to get someone to switch seats unless we want to make conversation literally back and forth. The backup plan is to make A LOT of conversation until someone gives up and begs us to switch seats.

At least we found power plugs.

The lights were just turned on at the airport. Not that it is now considerably darker outside than… say… an hour ago, but apparently someone took their time to realize that with all the clouds it indeed was kind of dark here in the waiting hall. The waiting hall itself, by the way, is really nice. Like, if you realky need to hang out at an airport for four freaking hours, see if you can do it at Paris. Although, then again, the Orangina is not exactly cheap.

(I just realized that I’m starting to get used to the iPods keyboard. Otherwise I wouldn’t really write as much as I just did.)


Interim: Flight Preparation Checklist
I have four books, two French cooking magazines, my iPod with a good selection of TV show episodes, my Nintendo DS, unfortunately with no new game and a laptop with, well, mostly work stuff, but still. So basically I’m confident that I will arrive in Vietnam alive rather than bored to death.


Two hours to go.

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