Internet Pet Peeves

I have loads of pet peeves ready and available for about every aspect of life, but here are two recent ones that concern the internet:

„Under construction“ sites. Stop it. If there’s nothing on there why do you have to put up a link there in the first place? Why do you make me click on stuff that just leads nowhere? It’s amazingly frustrating to browse a site when every third link just sends me to a page with nothing but a nice and polite apology telling me that you intend to fill this with content somewhen in the future. Seriously. Stop it. If it’s something very standard, okay. If it’s just one page, still okay. But what’s wrong with disabling or just not showing the link as long as it doesn’t lead anywhere and telling me right away that there are plans to add something there, just not yet?

Feeds without full text.
Okay, fine. You want me to actually visit your page, so you just give me an excerpt in your feed and count on me to be intrigued enough to follow the white rabbit link and visit the site. I have news for you: Not really working. At least not for me. Sometimes, yes, but I’m pretty sure that I would read more of your blog posts if you would just give me the full text in the feed. In the end, you might not care so much about me. Totally fine with me.
But still… Your blog? Might actually really like it. Your feed? Hate it.