Goin‘ to Graceland

Last night I dreamed that I was flying to Chicago, because of some developer’s conference. I though that while I was in the area I could pay a visit to Srah. Never mind that Chicago isn’t exactly close to Ohio, because in my dream, it was…

However I then realized that the conference was actually in Memphis and I never cared to rent a car or something, so suddenly I had to deal with renting a car and driving to Memphis all in one day. I also had planned to do a little road trip while I was at it (mostly because the conference only was scheduled for one day and I was in the US for a whole week) and I tried to tell Srah’s dad that I planned to see Memphis and then that other city, but I couldn’t remember that other city’s name.

– The one with the arc!
– The arc? What arc?
– Well, I think they just call it The Arc?

Turns out that even with appropriate arc hand gestures I couldn’t quite get anyone to understand where I wanted to go.

I now know that I mean St. Louis and I just looked at a map and am a bit proud, because Dream-Me’s geography knowledge turns out to be good enough to plan a decent enough road-trip based on the all-in-all time I had.

So, hello Srah and say hi to your parents. And be prepared because the next time I’m flying to Chicago to attend a one-day conference in Memphis (i.e. never) I might just stop by because it’s kind-of-not-really-but-still-who-cares on the way.