I Knew It Was a Bad Idea

There’s one proof that there’s a limited capacity for the human brain to learn from experience. As in: Why the hell do we still try to go to IKEA on a Saturday? Basically there are two reasons for this: a) The only other day we could go is after work on a workday and 2) it’s exactly the same thing then, because everyone who’s clever enough not to opt for Saturday is going then. So it all boils down to a rain and gutter thing there and it really stops mattering.

We do have new pictures on the walls now, some kitchen equipment (more cutlery, yay!) and a nice green glass plate to put on the MALM cupboard which makes more of a difference than you might think. And, well, yeah, more stuff. Because that’s what happens when you go to IKEA when you don’t need furniture. I can at least say that we a) got more or less stuff we needed (if having images on formerly plain white walls count as need) and b) we assembled (as in hanged on the wall or cleaned and put where it belonged) nearly everything on the same evening, which is a huge thing considering I still have that book shelf we bought like a hundred years ago standing sadly in the corner.

There’s also two more things I learned, and probably will forget when it really counts:
a) RIBBA picture frames suck. They look nice, but I’m getting mildly aggressive assembling them. (Won’t stop my buying new ones, I suspect.)
b) Go with the flow. Going the other way around in IKEA on a Saturday compares to trying to stand alone against a herd of elephants rushing towards you. Although I might actually prefer the elephants if I had to choose.