Musical Link Dump

I think that iTunes should have some kind of wishlist. Not actually for other people to buy me stuff (although that’s always appreciated), but for me to remember songs that I might want to buy in the future, depending on how my bank account looks. Mostly like my amazon wishlist which I don’t really expect anyone to order stuff for me, but I need to keep track of all the things that look interesting. If there already is such a thing and I missed it, please tell me, because I’d really like that.

I also think that I have already raved about that CD store I „discovered“ here in Düsseldorf, after having been repeatedly disappointed by the CD selection of the bigger chains here. It’s a quite small shop, located in one of the small shopping centers, so discovered seems not like the right word given that there was no way I would have ever missed it. There might have been a way I would never have walked into it, because I’m wary when it comes to small CD shops. Most of the times they just have the Top Forty stuff and that’s it. This one though is run by two guys who really like what they’re doing and they always stock up on good new stuff, so that I can hardly walk out of there without having bought something (50 percent of the time it includes the album they’re playing on the sound system while I’m browsing). They’re also good with importing stuff, CDs and DVDs alike.

Long story short: This is what I bought last Friday, and it’s both great, so check it out.
Clare and The Reasons: The Movie
Emilíana Torrini: Me and Armini (I mean, Emilíana always works, so I couldn’t really go wrong with that.)

(Also try Alice Sings the Petterson Songbook, which is so wonderfully retro in a sixties-Bacharach style that it makes me really happy.)