Cool German Glasses

We just came home from a very fun dinner with my friend Liz and I remembered something she said about our (the husband’s and my) glasses. Or more generally even, she said that Germans always wear cool glasses. This has never occurred to me, especially since I’ve had these glasses forever, but to us it is in fact kind of a big deal. It’s not that I care too much, it’s more that if I want to get new ones (which apparently happens every few years or so) I want to pick some that I really like. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I pay a lot extra for having super cool glasses. In fact the actual lenses are what’s expensive and the main reason why I don’t like to get new glasses and why when I do I try to get some that look really good.

But I digress.

When I remembered what she said about German glasses I also suddenly remembered that I had heard that before. Now I wonder, was it just something that Liz had mentioned before or was it someone else who praised the coolness of German glasses. I pretty much suspect it was Caitlin. Now please enlighten me to whether I’m right or not.