Move Along, Nothing To See

I mean, at least I updated my reading list and am proud to announce that I can make my 52 books this year without any problems. I’m already at 48, although I admit there were some comic books in between and I usually finish these within a day, so it’s like half-cheating or something. On the other hand I had some long books in between, so that probably makes it okay after all.

In the meantime we’ve already brought a lot of stuff over to the new apartment, so this apartment is nearly devoid of books and other things. This way we hope that the actual move with the stuff we really need (like, for example, the bed) won’t be that exhausting. I mean, think about it, what really wears you out is the endless amount of boxes you have to carry, not that one bed or those few chairs. We still don’t have a definite moving day planned, but it will most probably be around the middle of September. We also won’t have a kitchen by then, but a fridge should suffice for a couple of weeks if necessary.