Too Much Food

Recently I’ve gone a bit crazy over cook books and magazines. I even dragged the husband to Draguignan under false pretenses, so that I could find a bookstore and get my very own copy of „Cantines„, a French cook book featuring food served in French school cafeterias interpreted by chefs. I read about it on Clothilde’s Chocolate & Zucchini, because she contributed to the book, sharing her memories of bi-flavored ice-cream.

Since then I have only managed to try out of one of the recipes, grated carrots with a coriander-lemongrass dressing. It was easier than I thought, although I think that I lost some calories grinding the dressing in my mortar. So, who says that cooking isn’t exhausting?

I also bought two cooking magazines, one of which I like so much I actually think about subscribing, since I don’t think I’ll find it anywhere around here.

Back in Germany, I spent a day in Cologne last Wednesday. My husband had a one-day job there and so I just came with him in the morning and set out for the city, having breakfast at Starbucks, and then spending two hours in the book store. At one point I ended up with five cook books stacked beside me, at least two of them very tempting, but chose to not buy anything at that point of the day.

I then met with Andreas for sushi lunch, after which we more or less aimlessly wandered around in search of a well-assorted kitchen supply store. We were more or less unsuccessful, finding two stores, but none that could satisfy my needs as recently self-proclaimed aspiring kitchen goddess. Whatever.

Of course, since I can never ever spent two hours in a book store without helplessly falling in love with at least one book, I returned to the book store later and bought a crime novel for the husband and Nigella Lawson’s „Feast“. Okay, now there’s a role model. I read about her in Anthony Bourdain’s „A Cook’s Tour“, got curious and rightly so. Feast is a little bit overwhelming, since most of the recipes are intended to be… well… part of a feast, so there’s a lot of turkey and roast meat, plus lots and lots of heavy cakes and stuff, but it looks and sounds all too yummy and great. Now, if I only had a roasting tin.

So there. I am addicted to cook books. I can’t stop browsing through them. I already put another Nigella book on my wishlist, because… HELLO?!? How can I not desperately want a book called „How To Be A Domestic Goddess“. Because, yes, that’s exactly what I need to learn.