What I Have Been Up To

Playing around with Squarespace. I feel like a betrayer writing about it on my WordPress blog, but hey, let’s face it… Squarespace is pretty and fun to use. I have yet to find out whether it’s worth the money it would cost me, but that’s why I’m playing around with it.

Playing around with Balsamiq Mockups. I think that one has already convinced me. I built two really cool mockups for a form today. Can’t show the result here, because it was for work, but I loved how easy it was and how great the results look. Who knows, I actually might spend money on that one.

Catching up on Lost (done), Gossip Girl (done), Dollhouse (done), My Name is Earl (not quite done) and Pushing Daisies (also somewhere in the middle of the season).

Buying a new chair for my office. That one. Yes, it’s IKEA. What else did you expect.