Culture Clash

This sums up everything that’s wrong with the current season of DSDS (the German Idol) and everything that’s right with the current season of American Idol.

Compare this…

… to that…

… and please tell me that you see what I mean.

It’s so, so awkward to watch someone who has yet to realize that there’s this thing called rhythm attempting to sing to Marvin Gaye1. Eek.

And while we’re at it, I’d be pretty happy if Kris would win, but I’d be fine with Adam or Matt as well. I like Allison enough, so I wouldn’t hate it if she would win. Danny just bores me to death. I’m sorry, Danny. I even think he has a damn good voice, but it’s like every time American Idol starts I’m trying to remember who the contestants left are and Danny always comes in as an afterthought: „So we have these guys, now who’s missing? There’s one person missing. Oh. Yeah. Danny.“

1Yes, I know, this is Bill Withers, but there was Marvin Gaye that one time and it was just so very wrong.