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Apr 2007

Mmmmm…. Yummy.

Hey there, you people somewhere in one of those backyards! I can’t see you, but I want to tell you this: Stop barbequeing. It smells too good and I might start to drool right about… NOW! Stop! Gaaaaa!

Dec 2006

December Irony

Of course it so happens that I try to read one of the most thrilling books of the year at the end of the year when I have other plans every damn day. If I didn’t have to get ready to go to the opera (no, your eyes are fine, I’m actually going to the […]

Dec 2006

Fun Temporarily on Hold

Warning: If you don’t like rants, don’t read on. No, really. Don’t. Because we’re the luckiest people on earth our camera broke about one week after we got it. A pin is bent in the CF slot. Nikon says it’s our fault, I says they better fix it without charging us (damn). Right now the […]

Nov 2006

Wink Wink

This post reminded me of the fact that I, too, can only wink with one eye. I was surprised to learn that there are people who actually cannot wink at all. Apparently my family has strong winking genes. I am the mutant who can only wink with her left eye. I can curl my tongue […]

Nov 2006

Lessons Learned Twice

If you are sick, don’t go to work. Just don’t. I’m not saying this because I’m lazy and don’t want to go to work, but because I have tried this twice and both times the sickness came back and worse. That’s why after a mild case of not-so-wellness including off-and-on stomach ache and the like […]

Oct 2006

Just Sayin’

As long as myspace is as confusing and as ugly as it is, I will keep on avoiding it. I just thought I’d let you know that it is unlikely I’ll ever see your myspace page. So you can stop updating now and move to a better service, which is cleaner, prettier and probably not […]

Aug 2006

How Is That Fair Anyway?

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s three more days (not counting today) until the weekend. I can’t believe the week just started. And I still don’t get why I only get two days off for five days of working. A three/four ratio would be a lot easier to understand and accept.

Aug 2006

I Forgot to Vote!

Oh no. OH NO! I forgot this year’s Tubey Awards. How could I have forgotten them? How? Now the first results are up and I don’t even know all the fun things I could have been able to vote for IF I HADN’T FORGOTTEN TO CHECK IT OUT. How could that have happened? I’m devastated […]

Aug 2006

Shut Up.

My computer makes strange noises and I want it to stop. Not because I’m worried, but because it’s driving me insane. Just like leaking water faucets and creaking doors drive me insane.

Jul 2006

Bye-bye, Little True

Sadly, on 21st July 2006, only a few days after marrying medical student Brent Morris, she died of a heart attack. I can’t believe that J. Madison Wright died. Now I’m sad. I know that I didn’t even know her, but reading that someone four years younger than yourself died of a freaking heart attack […]