My Finest TV Hours of 2005, Pt. 1

It’s been a great year for TV show addicts like me. There were some disappointments, yes, such as the unexpected decline and following cancellation of „Joan of Arcadia“. Or the non-existent decline but still-following cancellation of „Kitchen Confidential“. But all in all, I think we can be satisfied. Veronica Mars didn’t get cancelled, we got a third – though – short season of Arrested Development and with „How I Met Your Mother“ I got a new favorite sitcom that I’m just completely in love with.
So, here they are, my nine favorite TV show episodes of the year 2005, counting down from 9 to 6.

9. Joan of Arcadia: Common Thread (2×21)
Oh, Joan. You had to go too early, though it was partly your fault. While the first season was a miracle disguised as a TV show, the second season lost its drive all too quickly. Though there were never any real bad episodes, there werenâ??t any great ones either. â??Common Threadâ? stands for the three or four last episodes of a show that recovered too late and couldnâ??t even save itself from cancellation by giving its viewers a great and touching finale. Too little, too late. But know that I hated to see you go.

8. Smallville: Commencement (4×22)
So what? Yes, I do watch Smallville and enthusiastically so. The fourth season had at least one story-arc too many (although it feels more like three or four too many) and occasionally left the realms of the Superman myth for other weird territories that I didnâ??t like too much. Yet again, it is way too good to be my guilty pleasure show.
As always, Smallville doesnâ??t disappoint when it comes to a season finale, so I had to sit through another meteor shower and several cliffhangers before they would go off into summer break and leave me alone with my questions and my WTFs.

7. Supernatural: Bloody Mary (1×05)
Supernatural manages to avoid the ungrateful â??guilty pleasureâ?? label just by a hairbreadth. Fortunately The WB remembered what it does best and gave us a show that â?? despite the rather conventional synopsis â?? is actually pretty brave. After all, it has an extremely limited cast with only Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as main cast, who both must have been mightily unchallenged in their previous shows. And itâ??s those two guys we have to thank for making this show so good.
For me itâ??s the creepiest show on air these days. Thereâ??s not a single episode where I wonâ??t cover my eyes at one point, so I donâ??t have to see whatâ??s going on on my TV. â??Bloody Maryâ? was a real highlight so far and I havenâ??t been this creeped out because of a TV show since Smallvilleâ??s â??Scareâ?.

6. Weeds: Fashion of the Christ (1×04)
Weeds is just the show that Desperate Housewives wants to be, and maybe the reason why no episode of the former made it into my Top Nine. I wouldnâ??t even dare calling this show a comedy, even though the format and the setting point there. Weeds is just so much more. â??Fashion of the Christâ? represents a whole season of TV show heaven because Andy makes his debut and because of the great last scene (a cargo of coke, anyone?) amongst other things.