A Year in Review – The Music Stuff

As part of the whole reviewing the last year here are my musical highlights:

6. My amazement when I found out that I don’t hate most of German music anymore. Mostly because suddenly there were a lot of good German singers and bands. Where the hell did they come from? Why weren’t they there before? It’s a complete mystery to me, but in the end I don’t care so much. The important thing is that they are here now and hopefully here to stay.

5. The discovery of Azure Ray. How could I have missed out? This is exactly the music I need and want and can dream to. Thanks to a podcast I occasionally listen to I finally have learned of their existence, and though so far I only have listened to „Hold on Love“ and the November EP I can tell you right now that I won’t leave it at that.

4. The Benjamin Biolay universe that it took me until this year to discover. The universe Рat least for me Рincludes Coralie Cl̩ment, Home, the wonderful Keren Ann and the very Monsieur Biolay himself and therefore a lot of money was spent on my part to bring all the music home.

3. 2005 also was the year I got into CD swaps. By now I must have more than ten mixes sent to me from music-lovers from far away and there’s plenty of great songs and musicians that I probably wouldn’t know if it weren’t for these nice people putting them on their mixes. Thanks to Caitlin, Srah, Kira, Ms. Pants and Mike for letting me have a glimpse at their music collection.

2. My album highlight of the year arrived here on December, 24th and therefore I consider it an additional Christmas present – although I had to pay for it nonetheless. Annika Norlin alias Hello Saferide recorded one of the sweetest albums ever and I can only thank my lucky stars and the fact that Robbie from Womenfolk put up a link to her CD on his blog that I found out about it.

1. Any of you who already guessed what will come next? It’s actually really easy. My biggest musical highlight of the year was – of course – the purchase of the iPod. There’s nothing better than riding on the bus to work and have it shuffle through the more than 3,000 songs that I packed on it so far. And with the loudspeakers I got for Christmas bliss is complete.

What can I say, musically 2005 was a success all the way. Once again I want to thank all the people – artists, singers, bands, fellow bloggers and friends – who contributed and made it so good for me. Here’s to 2005 and hoping that 2006 will be just as good – if not better.