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Mai 2007

Random TV Thoughts

I want a Blake/Melinda finale. If that’s not happening something is seriously wrong with this world. I also think that Melinda should have won like… five years ago. But still, if she’s not the one winning, I need Blake to win. — I think I really like Izzie. I mean, she cooks when she’s stressed […]

Apr 2007

Seizing the Evenings

I’m trying very hard to seize as much of these evenings as I can. With my new job I usually don’t get home before 7pm, most of the times it’s past 7:30 pm until I finally open to the door to our apartment. But these days have been so lovely and I try to pack […]

Mrz 2007

Let’s Save Us Some Time

Would anybody object to just making Melinda the next American Idol and be done with it? I mean, I don’t really see why that shouldn’t work. You should be aware though that we’re about two weeks behind on our Idol, so no spoiling here until we have caught up. At least Antonella is finally out. […]

Jan 2007

Embrace Your Inner Geek

Yay! The new season of Beauty and the Geek has started! It was only when I watched the season premiere that I realized how much I love this show. So, here are my first thoughts (some spoilers, there, so don’t read if you want to stay unspoiled for the first episode): Tori totally deserved to […]

Nov 2006

Or is It Just on Vacation?

Gaaaaaa! My Mapothadar1 is broken! Whatever shall we do now if he gets lost? — 1 See here and here.

Okt 2006

Really Good TV

This is basically what went through my head while watching the first five minutes of this season’s Lost (over and over and over again): Oh. My. God.

Aug 2006

I Forgot to Vote!

Oh no. OH NO! I forgot this year’s Tubey Awards. How could I have forgotten them? How? Now the first results are up and I don’t even know all the fun things I could have been able to vote for IF I HADN’T FORGOTTEN TO CHECK IT OUT. How could that have happened? I’m devastated […]

Jul 2006

Germany : Italy – 0 : 2

Oh, darn.

Jun 2006

TV Truth

Anything with Kyle MacLachlan in it just can’t be really bad. There’s all I have to say about that.

Jun 2006

Not Lost But Exhausted

I had a minor Lost Marathon (Lostathon?) tonight. I’m working on watching on the finales of all the shows that have been piling up, but I think (or I hope) that I’m making progress. I just learned what you get when you’re both DUIing and on the Lost staff. Shot. Gosh, I hope I didn’t […]