Embrace Your Inner Geek

Yay! The new season of Beauty and the Geek has started! It was only when I watched the season premiere that I realized how much I love this show.

So, here are my first thoughts (some spoilers, there, so don’t read if you want to stay unspoiled for the first episode):

Tori totally deserved to get eliminated. I felt kinda sorry for her during the first challenge, but the interview totally showed that she was too lazy to even try. I’m kinda sorry for Sanjay. He wasn’t my favorite, but he didn’t deserve to get stuck with Tori.

Nate’s comedy routine was really good, as was Mario’s.

Sheree was exceptionally great at the interview challenge. I don’t believe that she’s stupid for one minute. That girl’s smart. What’s she doing there?

I really like Mario and Nadia. I think it was cute that their feelings about each other were so similar. At first I was afraid that Mario was an arrogant jerk, but he seemed really nice later on. Nadia is a sweetheart.

Andrea is a bitch. And wears stupid outfits.

Cecille is a real bitch. I first wasn’t sure what to think about her. The thing that made me dislike her was her reaction when Sheree won. She obviously was so proud of her mediocre performance that the thought that someone else could have been better never occurred to her. Studid woman.

I like Erin. Just because.

As always, opinions are likely to change. We’ll talk some more next week. Can’t wait.