The Advantages of a Car

He’s trying to think of something to take his little wife to for a lovely Sunday evening. He’s also going through job vancacies on the internet, so it got kind of mixed up.

Me: You want to take me to Baden-Württemberg1? That’s too far I think.
— Pause —
Me: We could go to France. Or to Belgium. Hey, we could go to Belgium!
Him: We would have had to get going yesterday to do that.
Me: To France yes. But Belgium’s just one and a half hour away.
Him: You honestly want to go to Belgium?
Me: Nah. But we could.

It’s true. We could. Just my way of making some of you jealous of our weird European ways. Did it work?

1That’s a southern part of Germany. It’s also where my cousin lives, but even Amsterdam is closer. I wonder if Denmark is, too.