Dez 2009

Blog Updates, Again

Once again, I’d like to remind those of you who are still subscribed to this feed, that really, nothing’s happening here anymore. It’s all, all, all over at Squarespace, Tumblr and Twitter. And yes, I actually post stuff there. Like this…

What Code Coverage is Good For

Everybody Loves a Code Review

Ensuring Good Passwords: Reward or Restrict

The One-Hour Bug

Defending Whiteboards

… and actually even more. So go there and don’t hang around here where nothing is updated anymore. Or rarely. Very rarely.

Aug 2009

Blog Updates

Again I ask: What are you still doing here? All the interesting stuff is over at Squarespace and Tumblr. So this is just a reminder from your friendly blogger to update your feed reader and/or head over to where the real action is:

Blog post: Mini-Blogging: What’s Eating My Time

Blog post: Now, How’s That Working Out For You?

Blog post: Anticipating the Next Tile

Blog post: Productivity Tools: Launchy

Blog post: iPod Icon Mystery – A Design Experiment

Here Be Subtlety at Tumblr

Jun 2009

It Is On!

What are you still doing here? All the interesting stuff is over at Squarespace and Tumblr. Just in case you forgot to update your feed reader, here are the links to the new stuff.

Blog post: Pimp My iPod

Blog post: Moving a Blog

Here Be Subtlety at Tumblr

Jun 2009

On the Move… Again

Here be Subtlety is moving. Again. And yes, I’m actually talking about this blog. I wouldn’t spend two weekends painting various rooms of this apartment if I didn’t plan on staying for a while longer.

After my 14 days trial of Squarespace came close to an end, I decided that yes, it was worth the money. There were a few things that convinced me, but I want to go into detail once I have a bit more experience and am able to tell you more than „It looks cool and works nicely and that one thing seems awesome“. Just know that at first I was slightly underwhelmed and I actually need some quality time playing around with it to see where the beauty was.

So today I took out my credit card and sent the guys at Squarespace my details and that’s it. In the future you’ll find me at http://herebesubtlety.squarespace.com, but I might need some time to get ready, so right now it looks really messy and what could most accurate be described as under construction.

I also set up my account at tumblr, but there’s nothing on there right now. I was very happy with the template until I realized I can’t touch the friggin‘ CSS and markup, so that might change, too. Or my attitude towards being able to tweak the layout might change and I’m keeping it. It’s one or the other.

So. Yeah. That’s it. If it’s kind of quiet here, it’s because I’m trying to fill up two other sites with content as quickly as possible. Plus, deciding what to do with all the articles here, finding out how to best deal with the RSS and whatnot. Even moving on the internet brings its baggage. Damn.

Playing around with Squarespace. I feel like a betrayer writing about it on my WordPress blog, but hey, let’s face it… Squarespace is pretty and fun to use. I have yet to find out whether it’s worth the money it would cost me, but that’s why I’m playing around with it.

Playing around with Balsamiq Mockups. I think that one has already convinced me. I built two really cool mockups for a form today. Can’t show the result here, because it was for work, but I loved how easy it was and how great the results look. Who knows, I actually might spend money on that one.

Catching up on Lost (done), Gossip Girl (done), Dollhouse (done), My Name is Earl (not quite done) and Pushing Daisies (also somewhere in the middle of the season).

Buying a new chair for my office. That one. Yes, it’s IKEA. What else did you expect.

I think you can pretty much guess, that I didn’t stop after the first layer of paint. Truth is, I all got it done in one day as planned, but then I was tired that I couldn’t find the energy to load the pictures up to the web and write a nice blog entry, so that’ll have to wait until somewhen later this week. It looks really good, though. Believe me.

And to recompensate you for the lack for pictures, here’s a few things you have to see:

Sorry I’m Late – A brilliant stop-motion short film

Her Morning Elegance – Another beautiful stop-motion music video

And this interactive music video for Labuat’s Soy tu aire. You want to see this. I can’t stop watching it.

Mai 2009

Paint Job, Pt. 2

Halfway done. I hope.

14:05 pm
Paint job

12:54 pm
Paint job

11:27 am
Paint job

Mai 2009

Paint Job, Pt. 1

Ready to go!

11:00 am
Paint job

10:05 am
Paint job

10:00 am
Paint job

Paint job


This was taken somewhen around noon today, when one Bunny sat under the tree right next to my window. They (or it) really like the tree. Either some very tasty plants (read: bunny food) grow there or they find it equally fascinating watching me as me watching them. (Somehow the grammar of that last sentence sounds strange to me. Can anyone help out a non native speaker?)

Currently there are two racing each other on the lawn. Rumor has it that they sometimes can be caught in more X-rated situations, but I can’t confirm that. So far.


I don’t know exactly whether this is an Amazon or a DHL Fail, but I’m pretty sure it’s one or the other and I found it too confusing and strange to just let it go.

Just in case you don’t notice it right away… this is a parcel tracking status for an order that was dispatched today – as you can see at the top of the page. However, it comes with a complete tracking history for something that was sent and delivered in December 2007 to Augsburg (which is so not close to where I live). I can only imagine that either something went wrong with Amazon’s mapping for order tracking, or DHL uses duplicate tracking IDs. There surely are other possibilities, but these were the first ideas that sprang to mind.

It’s not really a huge fail, but it made me wonder what exactly went wrong here. That might be the developer speaking and thinking, but I mean… it is kind of strange. (Please agree, because I already feel stupid for making such a huge deal out of this.)

bike seat amazon https://relaxthemuscle.com/