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Mrz 2009

Arriving in the Present

I finally managed to update this blog to WordPress 2.7 and damn, this looks pretty and sleek and well… up-to-date. Now let me start to play with the layout. And don’t be confused when things look a bit odd around here. You just might have caught me tinkering.

Mrz 2009

What to do When

As you all should know I’m a media geek, which means that I hardly ever get bored, because I have enough stuff waiting to be read, watched and listened to basically piling up around me and the only issue I have is that I have too little time. Unfortunately I’m not one of these people […]

Mrz 2009

Wanted: Decision Helper

Someone needs to come here right now and drag me to bed. Because I think I might be tired, but apparently I can’t go to bed. Anybody up for the job? I won’t fight you. I might pout a bit, but you should be able to live with that. Or maybe I just need some […]

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