I think I didn’t sleep at all last night. First of all I had to sleep alone, which I don’t like at all. How do all you single people do that? I remember there were times when I could sleep alone, but somehow I completely forgot what that was like and now I wake up covered in sweat, I hear all the noises of this whole gorram house and I just can’t sleep.

Then, of course, once I fell asleep, one big thunderstorm starts up and me being the big baby that I am, I can’t sleep at all. I think I was able to sleep a little bit when I actually turned the lamp on my nightstand on, because then I didn’t see all the lightnings. This night, because the world just loves me that much there’s a thunderstorm again. I just hope that we already are past the worst and it’s only going to be raining a lot this night. After all, I like the sound of rain, so that wouldn’t bother me at all. I can’t wait to have my man back here so that I have something big and warm to hug (or to hug me) when I get too scared.

So much about my time alone. I don’t like it. At all.
But it’s all going to be fine tomorrow night. Yay.