Tired 24/7

If you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s because I’m either busy or tired. Busy of course means a serious amount of procrastination, including staring at both Powell’s Staff Top 5s of 2006 Picks and my Amazon wish list, which naturally grew a lot longer not long after I noticed that the Top 5s were up.

I’m also at work a lot. Since I’ve started my new job I’m both a lot more exhausted a lot happier. I’m working with a lot of really nice people, people that actually share my interests and don’t stare at me blankly when I say something like ‚Firefly‘. So far all is great and I’d rather spend nine hours a day at a job I actually enjoy than 8 hours at one that drives me insane every once in a while.

I haven’t missed a day of my 365 day thingy at flickr yet, although I must admit that since most of the week I come home when it’s already dark outside and I kind of ran out of interesting things in our apartment really quickly, the pictures are not extraordinarily great. Plus, I really haven’t made any great progress with the camera and I pretty much stick to the buttons I somehow kind of understand, which is about one. Maybe that one switch, too. I upgraded my flickr account to a pro account, though. It was about damn time.

So far that’s the news. There might be more, but did I tell you about the exhausted and the tired? Yep. That’s why after one more minute at staring at my wish list, I’m heading to bed. I still have some books to read before I can justify ordering new ones.