Short Update

The biggest news might be that Peter is back from Malta. After four long weeks (that didn’t seem as long as I feared they would) I drove down all the way to Frankfurt on Saturday to pick him up. All the way actually means less than two hours, which for me was a really big thing, since this is the longest I’ve ever driven alone and probably the fastest. I kinda knew our car can go at 150 km/h, I just wasn’t aware that it could happen to me.

I also learned that the Starbuck’s at Frankfurt airport doesn’t have my favorite cheesecake. So, excuse me for going all big coffee house chain on you, but the raspberry cheesecake they sell at Starbuck’s might just be the best cheesecake I have ever had. This cake is to die for, and I totally don’t mind that it costs half a fortune (at least cakewise) and probably has about 2 billion calories, because it. Is. Great. But due to the unfortunate lack of cheesecake I only had a chocolate donut, which isn’t really to die for. Too bad.

I also cheated a bit on my 365 days project. I hadn’t gotten around to taking photos in a while, but I just decided to ignore that and now even I don’t know how many days there actually were between day 26 and day 27. It was more than one, though. There was no day 24, because I tried not to cheat and then I didn’t care so much. From now on, if there’s a day missing it’s probably not because I didn’t take a picture, but because some of them are for friends and family only. It’s partly for your own safety, though. Unless you want to see a close-up of my big toe with a nasty black bruise on it. Then I really can’t help you. And yes, it was the best idea I could come up with that special day.

Anyway, new photos are up and I really like that one. It’s so random and totally uninteresting, but the colors are pretty. Plus, I couldn’t really live without my internet, so maybe it’s not so uninteresting after all.

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