Saturdays in Cologne

We recently got some money from my grandparents. Some as in a lot, but most of it is going directly to the big „saving-for-a-house“-account. A little of it, though, also was carefully distributed all around town on a carefully planned shopping trip to Cologne today.

I knew I needed some new clothes, possibly some new shoes. And I always need new CDs. I got everything I wanted except for new pants. Shopping for clothes usually stresses me out, so I decided to be happy with what I found and not drive myself crazy hunting for some pants that for all that I know don’t even exist. It’s the mystery of my life that every time I have something specific in mind, it’s nowhere to be found.

First stop was the electronics store, where I ended up with two more CDs than I had originally intended to get, thus three in total, plus one DVD. By the way, I think you should all get Carla Bruni’s „Those Dancing Days are Done“. While you’re at it, you can also get „Quelqu’un m’a dit“. I love her husky, broken voice so much.

Anyway, I then proceeded for the second most dangerous part of the journey: Buying clothes. I’m really bad at buying clothes. I tend to pick the wrong sizes, and I seem to be unable to figure out what I can wear and what looks just wrong. I also can’t usually take more than one visit to a changing booth, so if I haven’t found anything by then, it’s very possible I’ll leave the store without buying anything. And while some of you might think that this is a good thing, since I’m saving money and stuff, it’s not. Because I wear out all my old clothes up to the point, where I really can’t wear them anymore, so I really need to buy some clothes from time to time. This time, however, was slightly different. I was in some kind of zone, where I not only picked out the right clothes rightaway (except for one blouse and one dress that looked really strange on me), but they were also cheap and available in different colors and, you know, there. I got a nice new skirt, three new light pullovers and a nice green sweater, all on sale and just great. Now, if I can only find some pants, I’m practically done with this year’s clothes shopping. Awesome.

The next part of the journey is tedious to narrate. I had lunch in a cute little place a bit off the center called „Souppresso“, where I had – guess what – soup. I’m really into soup and dessert at the moment, don’t know why.

Then came the most dangerous part: Buying shoes. I’m pretty sure I’ve whined about how my feet are stupid and only half about all shoes in a store usually fit. I also can be picky when it comes to shoes. It’s not like I care so much, but when I actually decide to spend money (and precious time) on some, I want them to be perfect. So I knew there was a shoe store we once stopped by that looked like it might be perfect for me, style-wise. I went there and tried out about every shoe remotely Mary Jane style and red. I kinda focused on red. I have black shoes already. Actually I have several black shoes. I wanted something else. I finally found a pair that was red, Mary Jane like, affordable, and fit. Wow. How did that happen?

Here is a picture of that miracle that happened today:
Red Mary Janes

After that, practically high on the feeling that I’d bought new clothes AND new shoes I got some cake at my favorite cake shop and drove to my parents to celebrate. Because I sure as hell had a reason to.

Now I’m done with throwing my money around. I might order some books tomorrow, but then that’s that. Besides, what do I need now anyway?