Home Cinema Night

Do you know that there is that moment when you go from tired to really tired to really fucking tired to wide awake? Well, I’m past that moment this night, so that explains why it’s 1:42 am and I don’t have the slightest intent to go to bed.

It all started with the husband suggesting to watch ‚The Perfect Storm‘ tonight. I had captured it on my computer, carefully edited the commercials out (so carefully the husband noticed but one of four cuts) and burned it on DVD. So I said okay.

After some time I turned to him and asked: ‚Is it just me or have we been watching this for 45 minutes already with nothing happening?‘
He told me no, it wasn’t just me.
Have you seen that movie? Honestly, there’s nothing of even the littlest interest happening in the first 45 to 60 minutes. They come back, they make out, they ship out and fish. That’s about what’s happening during the first hour.

Then comes the storm. And yes, it’s big. It’s windy, it’s stormy, there’s a lot of water and a lot of things breaking. That storm is huge. But I found that even the storm gets boring after some time. At least for me it did. And after a while I felt like shouting ‚Godammit. Sink the boat already and get it over with!‘ at my TV. We all know it’s gonna happen, so why not let it happen now?

Don’t get me wrong, that movie is good enough for one entertaining night on the couch and maybe some forwarding and rewinding to see those really huge waves, but apart from that. God, even Mark Wahlberg looked strangely ugly and I loved him in Boogie Nights. I loved the whole of Boogie Nights. Maybe I just should watch Boogie Nights next time. Because there’s a movie I enjoy every damn single time I watch it.